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  Hyatt is located in the door of China-Yongkang, has its "Hyatt", "Wang Hua" two well-known brands, is specialized in the research, development, production class a luxury villas doors, high-end non-standard doors, security doors, engineered doors, school doors and other manufacturing and service of a modern company.

  Since inception, the company has been adhering to the "quality, innovation, perfect"business management concept. Technology as the forerunner, emphasis on technical input. Wholesale introduction of production technology and equipment of the company, have set up a product research, technology development, quality inspection center, sales center, the Department of after-sales service. All products are CAD designed, modern-proof door assembly line operations, advanced production and testingequipment testing.

  Established a company-centric sales outlets all over the country. Company by virtueof its strong technological strength, combined with the actual situation developed with domestic leading level products at home and abroad, the products with excellentquality, new advanced anti-theft technology and elegant door appearance to win wide praise users. Heavily at the Hyatt people jobs, expand the scale of production and operation, and further open up the domestic and foreign markets, continued to develop with steel pulse anti-theft products meet Lin asked. 

  Hyatt were the spirit of "sincere cooperation, mutual benefit" principle of friendshipand cooperation with the vast number of new and old customers and develop.


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